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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Behold! My first publication!!!!

Atlas Game's HOOKS link

This is always a weird time of the year for me. Lots of family treks, prepping for the holidays, and it seems like every single convention starts opening their sites for next year.

Just so you know:
GaryCon's website is up and running.
Fire and Ice's website is updated.
GenCon will be taking pre-orders next month.

After the madness that is named December passes by, the long dark teatime that is January and February looks to be filled with tasty writing and gaming.

Hang loose and be safe!


Friday, August 16, 2013

DreamKeeper Update

Yesterday was the one month mark from my creation of a game for my daughter Eowyn.
I'm at 81 pages.
I am also at the stage where the creative monkey side must be caged and the Editor must be released.
I have to get this thing to some point of being 'done' in two weeks. Eowyn starts school around that time. ArM5 will also be returning the playtest results for a book project that is coming due. Then there is the end-of-Summer Honey-do list...
September is looking kind of busy.
Will update with some great news in two weeks!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Keeping the Dream...

So here it is.
I have given up on Fuzzy Heroes. Too combat-oriented and my daughter wants to find non-violent ways of getting out of each and every situation.
Thus, I have been writing up my own game system that fits into other aspects of the RPG world. That project began two weeks ago. Today I begin writing up her toys as characters and working out the major bugs.
I might even do some public test games and tweak it for publication...

We'll see.
First, I have to get the Wee Tiger stamp of approval.

Game on!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


OK, so here is how the story goes...
It's a Monday morning. Raining, muggy, not-enough-caffene kind of a morning.
Sitting in the Midas, waiting for the oil change to get done.
So I surf the iPad for some Lovecraft. Misery and company and all of that.
I come across a reference about 5 demons protecting / dealing with a slumbering Old One, and it got me thinking about all these guys snoozing, but no one really expands upon it.
So now it's Thursday morning. Hanging out with my daughter, playing with the Connectx blocks and just having fun.
Oh, and I have just fleshed out 65 episodes plus a pilot for a Lovecraft TV series.
Go figure.
Regardless of the success of this endeavor, I've got a TON of fodder and a fun little environment for the upcoming new version release of the CoC game.
Was that a strange little ripple in my coffee mug?
Gotta fly!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Once more into the Abyss! No, make that twice...

Fuzzy Heroes was a hit all around, as it turns out. I've got Zach and his brother Ben harassing me to get more games running. I've got Eowyn building new beaded necklaces to power up and twink out her characters. After last weeks holiday and this weeks road trip, coupled with the end of the school year in seven days, I believe I've got my in-house gaming covered for the summer!

Played a Fourthcore game this past Saturday. It was called the Fane of the Heresiarch. Play it if you get the chance to.


Love that version of D&D 4e. Joe's a great DM, too. The team for this one shot was top notch (no rules lawyers, twinks, etc). We failed, but apparently put on one helluva show doing it. July has been slated for a rematch.

Off to mow and do the dad road trip prep!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Into the Valley...

Today was another Fuzzy Hero day.
Sometimes, my daughter takes me to school.
We had a special playdate/guest today. His name is Z and his father was curious about the whole FH thing. Z was great. He is also a 5-year-old and has some experience in games, RPG's, and console adventures. It was interesting to observe the dynamics between my daughter and Z during this game.
Long story short: He soared, she cried.
OK, the upsides: The threats were real to the kids. Prior to the opening battle (there were two, total); the anticipation and planning from both kids was pretty high. The mix of six different dragons allowed me to present six unique combat styles, which I could use to change up the board and force inclusion with my daughter when she began to drift off.
The downsides: My daughter is an only child. The game became competition for dad's attention. Z is the better player, and my daughter grew to dislike this adventure. I am not sure how much of this is because of the way I GM'ed the event. I'll have to reflect on that. I hope that this has not soured her taste for gaming.
Places where I succeeded: I made it a simple, run-across-the-board-and-survive game. It taught Z the rules, his dad was able to give suggestions, everyone involved was able to stay focused.
Places where I crashed and burned: I might have over-amped Z's characters. That, or Z is simply a good player who used his resources to the best of his ability.
It's quiet now. LEGOs are being played with, and my daughter sounds like her chipper old self. I'll point out the good stuff that she did from time to time over the next few days. We'll see how she reacts when she sees Z in school tomorrow...
Ahhh parenthood.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Winner is... FUZZY HEROES!

I purchased a few FH books at Gary Con and took some time at the end of March to make PC sheets out of my 5-year-old daughter's favorite stuffed animals.

I now have a 5-year-old gaming daughter.

We have defeated the Dinner Table Mountain game. Raid across the couch was a success. The Plains of the Dinos game (parts I & II) took the whole weekend. Finally, the Racing Maze game was won! This experience has been a big success all the way around.
From an educators point of view, my daughters attention to counting pips on a dice (for 2-4 hours), taking turns, staying focused, measuring distances, and planning out order of events was pretty darned impressive. The after-effects of drawing, telling, and being helped writing stories about each game was nice to see as well.
It has fed my gaming addiction AND brought my daughter and myself together in a new way.
I'm now writing up a little chapter book for her to stick in her bookshelf. The adventures of Mew Mew and his band of Team Cat!
Gotta go, she wants to craft some new magic items (beaded necklaces and felt cloaks)...

-Dave M

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I've been battling some  weird virus thing and have pretty much stopped any gaming-based fun for the past four weeks. Now I'm better and that means the old d20 bug is beginning to rattle around.

Sooooo, I'm sifting through the various piles of paperwork. The only real 'game work' is the editing for ArM5. The rest of it is gaming R&R stuff. The issue that I am running into is that there are too many half-started projects and new interests ala Gary Con.

I wanna do some game grazing and play EVERYTHING. CCG's, one-shot adventures, some Warhammer... Shoot, I've even been eyeing Fuzzy Heroes to intro RPGs to my 5-year-old daughter.

I'm going to TRY to be good and get the edit work done.

Was that my dice box rattling around over there?

I'd better go check. I'll be right back...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Return to the new

Feedback is coming in from play testers of my latest work for ArM5. Overall consensus is good, but the clarity needs work. Still, lots of 'kudos' all 'round!

Gary Con in one month! Sadly, I missed Fire and Ice this year, but I'll try to get the numbers of game types together...

I've been doing a lot of work with the Mythen Keep game out at Obsidian Portal. Just about ready to push that saga out into the world! WOOT!!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

New stuff...

Into the Valley has seen its final edit, and I've submitted the art suggestions.
Put. To. Bed.

I've been slowly setting up my Obsidian Portal and RPTools sites for an Ars Magica 5 game titled "Mythen Keep". I've got it plotted out to cover a century of time, allowing a covenant of magi to see if they can endure the full four seasons of a covenant's 'life span' (and possible rebirth). I've got games 1 & 2 done, with game 3 fully outlined and partially written. In this case, although the meta-plot is outlined, I plan on trying to stay 1-2 fully fleshed out games ahead of the PC's time period. I'm also looking at this game as the backdrop to all my other ArM5 gaming endeavors.

Sadly, it is looking like I will miss Fire & Ice. Family plans trump gaming weekends and all of that.

I'm also considering a C&C or Pathfinder system to default to. I'm honestly done with D&D v.whatever. Those games will also end up being online (RPTools, probably) endeavors as well. It is just easier to get a group together online these days.

It might be fun to do the monthly sessions with the Milwaukee D&D Meetup group, just to get some face-to-face time.

Looking forward to a weekend at Gary Con! Hotel is booked and tickets are pre-ordered. WOOT!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Fishing in the Blue Mountain

Almost done with the Blue Mountain zone in the Secret World MMO. Reeealy taking my time at this game, trying to play it with minimal deaths and w/o party groupings. Some good story threads and interesting mixes of contemporary horror genres. Lots of typical MMO stuff to. Thankfully, the grinding is no where near the level of WoWcrack. Nice having the ability to disassemble / reassemble magic items too.

Writing-wise, I'm in a weird holding pattern. Metaphorically speaking, I'm looking down at all the 'want to' projects from the 10,000 foot level.
> Working on cracking a new film script with fellow scribe Jeff M.
> Considering diving into the world of Castles and Crusades. I might look into RPTools and see if I can use that to do some online 'friday night' games.
> Just shot out my ArM5 game for final edit and publication in a release for this year (WOOT!)
> On the ArM5 front, I was playing around with the idea of really focusing in on the fairy realm. Again, planning on evolving the rule set for RPTools and setting the game in there. Two BIG projects for the hobby wrapped into one insane idea...
>Then there is the NaNoWriMo novel from November 2012. I've got 50K words, another 20K to write, then the editing process. Reality tells me to plan on taking 6-10 months to make this really polished.

I want it done now.

Also, Garycon is in a couple of months. No C&C games on their site yet. I might write one up, just to represent.

Onward and upward in 2013!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

A good start so far.

November was NaNoWriMo at 50,000 words in 30 days. Successful and hence no blogging time.

My first writing assignment for Ars Magica is in the final edit phase and my authors bio is done. Now to suggest artwork and to ship it off to press.
That was yesterday.

Now it is time to plan for Gary Con!!!