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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Once more into the Abyss! No, make that twice...

Fuzzy Heroes was a hit all around, as it turns out. I've got Zach and his brother Ben harassing me to get more games running. I've got Eowyn building new beaded necklaces to power up and twink out her characters. After last weeks holiday and this weeks road trip, coupled with the end of the school year in seven days, I believe I've got my in-house gaming covered for the summer!

Played a Fourthcore game this past Saturday. It was called the Fane of the Heresiarch. Play it if you get the chance to.


Love that version of D&D 4e. Joe's a great DM, too. The team for this one shot was top notch (no rules lawyers, twinks, etc). We failed, but apparently put on one helluva show doing it. July has been slated for a rematch.

Off to mow and do the dad road trip prep!

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