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Monday, February 12, 2018

Games and Cons and February 2018


Hotel for Gen Con acquired. Downtown. Within 1 gerbil tube's walk from the convention center. Looks like it is pretty close to where they held the Writer's Symposium last year.

Happy dance.

It looks like I have a pass and room for Gary Con (next month) as well. This was completely unexpected, but Jared and the good folks down at the Illusionist Magazine ( http://www.illusioni.st/ ) were a great help in that regard.

Thanks folks!

Also, on the gaming front, I've been trying out a few D&D 5e character creation sites. Currently, I'm on OrcPub2. Neat little site, although SRD legalities requires the site to limit how robust it can actually be. I've worked with it for a week or so, creating PCs for the upcoming conventions (as well as entering a few that we're using around the house). I gotta say; I like it.

NOTE: There is a link where interested folks who wish to see this site expand on its capabilities can sign. The goal of this virtual signature is to get WoC to unlock the SRD for OrcPub2. For what it is worth, I signed it. I'd love to see this gaming tool run on a longer leash.

On the subject of the Illusionist Mag, I'm working on the sixth area for the Prysim adventure hex that will continue to be part of the sites 'crates'. Hope you enjoy the weekly challenges!

Lastly, it is spring cleaning time on the blog's links. Some have been added. Out-of-date ones have been removed.

Thanks for visiting!