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I'm a fan of pen-and-paper RPG's. That's what you are going to find on this site. Sometimes there might be a blurb about the Secret World MMO; but the focus here is my drifting through Wisconsin's gaming communities.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Once more into the...

...realm of co-authorship.
Began working on a space-based story this week with a fellow author. This is the first, focused, non-gaming co-authorship project... ever.
All in all, I'm pretty geeked. Because of my gaming background and Jeff's writing / directing backgrounds, we have fallen into what comes naturally to each of us: I'm the environment builder and he's the man who will breathe life into the characters. Each of us agree that the characters are what make the story, which is nice for me. I'm looking forward to improving that element of my skill set.
The spooky thing is that it is sci-fi. I've worked the genre before and have nothing against it; but fantasy is my 'happy place'. That being said, the environment of the book is off-center enough to really peak my creative juices.
Onward and upward!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Revisions and retrofitting

Into the Valley has been revised and published back to the folks at Ars Magica.
Now, onto the gaming plans of 2012...
I am digging out all the old write ups and cut/pasting them into the Obsidian Portal site. Its nice knowing that the casual writing has a copy online, both for off site work and to protect against system crashes. My goal is to have the three con games done by November. Then it will be onto the full saga writing and whatever publishable work that comes down the pipe...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Playtesting part 1

The good playtesters out in the UK have done their thing and now it is time for me to do mine. Nothing too painful from the reviews. I got it back a couple of days ago and let it soak in. The primary fixes appear to be focused upon further expansion of the Houses of Hermies: Societates rules that were used. This game book is designed for Storyguides to play with only the core book in hand. Time to get into the editing mode!

On a slightly related note; the latest submission has been truncated. I've got a few nifty thoughts about magic rules and local fauna; but I quickly found that I would need about six months to give the work a proper write up. That would never meet the November deadline...

Such is life in the writing biz. Some hints have been dropped about future projects; thus I cast my gaze upon those horizons!