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Saturday, January 26, 2013

New stuff...

Into the Valley has seen its final edit, and I've submitted the art suggestions.
Put. To. Bed.

I've been slowly setting up my Obsidian Portal and RPTools sites for an Ars Magica 5 game titled "Mythen Keep". I've got it plotted out to cover a century of time, allowing a covenant of magi to see if they can endure the full four seasons of a covenant's 'life span' (and possible rebirth). I've got games 1 & 2 done, with game 3 fully outlined and partially written. In this case, although the meta-plot is outlined, I plan on trying to stay 1-2 fully fleshed out games ahead of the PC's time period. I'm also looking at this game as the backdrop to all my other ArM5 gaming endeavors.

Sadly, it is looking like I will miss Fire & Ice. Family plans trump gaming weekends and all of that.

I'm also considering a C&C or Pathfinder system to default to. I'm honestly done with D&D v.whatever. Those games will also end up being online (RPTools, probably) endeavors as well. It is just easier to get a group together online these days.

It might be fun to do the monthly sessions with the Milwaukee D&D Meetup group, just to get some face-to-face time.

Looking forward to a weekend at Gary Con! Hotel is booked and tickets are pre-ordered. WOOT!


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