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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ripping in like a lion

Fire and Ice is done. Little interest in ArM5 at this go-around, but the con itself was good. The 1000-foot overview for the one day that I was there is as follows:
Single, large hall. There was an on-site food court and convenient bathrooms. Appropriate space for the various games that were played, with the vendors set up as a circle around the main gaming area. This is a board game-heavy con, with 41 RPGs, 144 board games, 18 card games, and 16 mini's games. Good fun for all ages and tastes (Loony Toons Lab and Clay Wars games up through White Wolf games). It looked like they had a server and 6-8 PC's in the back as well.
The down side: with smallish cons like this, it is 'clickish'. Lots of folks were locals and many were traveling in packs / family groups. Nothing wrong with that, only there were more than a few times that one persons interests seemed to get trumped by the group's interests.
Popular Elements: About 20% of the floor was taken up by the Silent Auction items. SPARKS (the Star Wars d6 game) ran 19 RPGs, with Hackmaster (KotD) running 7 games. Also, there was an impressive array of boardgames set out for 'rent'.

I'm working on an un-solicited project for ArM5. It's an area resource and adventure guide set in 13th century Flanders. We'll see where that mess ends up... :) Also, prepping the game for Gary Con at the end of this month! WOOT!

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