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I'm a fan of pen-and-paper RPG's. That's what you are going to find on this site. Sometimes there might be a blurb about the Secret World MMO; but the focus here is my drifting through Wisconsin's gaming communities.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Word Count Tug 'o War

22,000 words sounds like a lot. The latest ArM5 publication task has been going through a swell-shrink-swell-shrink... period over the past couple of weeks. Right now, its on the fast track of blasting past the max word count.
I was hoping to keep it around 20,000-21,000 to allow for game test adjustments.
We'll see. On the up side, the endeavor is nearing a point of completion. My goal of having something to be critiqued by my fellow's might still make it by this coming weekend.

In other gaming news, I recently picked up Gloom and Cuthulu Gloom! Two great looking card games where you do some story telling as you attempt to keep other player's 'families' happy and kill of the ones under your control. Wacky fun!

On the Secret World front, I'm slowly creeping through the quest chains on the Savage Coast, but I am also starting to pick up quests for the Blue Mountain zone. It's been somewhat frustrating, as it appears that certain areas of the Savage Coast (the southern portion) are geared for higher level game play. It seems to be reeeealy easy to get nuked in those areas.

Lastly, I am steadily working full-time / part-time on my fantasy novel. I'm into chapter 6, with a rough outline for all 20 chapters set. :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

At the 25% mark...

Last week marked the first quarter of allotted time in the current ArM5 Authoring job. I'm about 60% complete with the work; although the key to writing is RE-writing. That's why I'm driving myself to get this puppy bagged and tagged by the end of August. That'll give me a full month (September due date) to fix, tweak, rebuild, and wipe out inappropriate elements after the team reviews the work.
By team, I'm talking about Line Editor David Chart and my four fellow authors...

My book and scripting co-author in crime (Jeff M) has painstakingly pried my hands away from the fantasy genre. A little bit, anyway. He's currently watching the Star Trek series (in show chronological order, not in air date order), and doing the same for the Star Wars book line. Lots of Star Wars / Trek talk these days.
As can be expected, being around SF talk brings about SF ideas. I've jotted down a concept for a three-book series of inter-related short stories. That'll be a wintertime project.
...and I'm thinking about looking into the local Gamebase 7's SPARKS RPG game group.
I've even added a link to the SPARKS game (see below).

Well, it's Monday. Back to the work of writing. The middle time period of such tasks is always the most difficult for me. It's the day-after-day routine, where the excitement of doing something new has wained and the real finesse of keeping the specific game elements 'popping' as I do the real creative writing tests my creative endurance.
I've done it before, I'm doing it now; and I'll do it again.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whaaa? August?!?
Where did THAT month come from?
It's been a while since I've blogged. Busy... but not very productive in the gaming world.
Working on a new ArM5 game for a 2014 book. Yep. Just like the previous blog; only this time I've got a CONTRACTED DEAL! I'm dying to blab, but all of that has to wait until the book is published.
Working with a co-authoring sci-fi project for a children's lit series. Yep. Just like the previous blog. This time, it is the previous co-authoring attempt reborn!
Working on a young-adult book that might turn into a series and / or offshoot into the RPG realm. Well... I opened the files and read them. I might kick it back off once the ArM5 game is done.
One new thing is that the Secret World MMO is now 1 month old! I went straight for the vein and got the lifetime subscription. If this puppy stays online for a couple of years, it will have paid off the typical monthly subscription fees. :)
My take on SW is from a VERY casual gamer POV. It's a good game, very contemporary-dark themed; with no set toon builds. I can casually change my skills / abilities so that I can tank, strike, DOT, HOT, and play with any mix of builds that seem useful. It's allowed my toon to evolve as the environment (and my play style) does. It's fun. I've been burning up around 3 hours 2-3 times a week on it.

OK... I'm going to say it: I will attempt to do a weekly update on the gaming stuff from here on out.


Catch ya next Sunday!