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Thursday, June 27, 2013


OK, so here is how the story goes...
It's a Monday morning. Raining, muggy, not-enough-caffene kind of a morning.
Sitting in the Midas, waiting for the oil change to get done.
So I surf the iPad for some Lovecraft. Misery and company and all of that.
I come across a reference about 5 demons protecting / dealing with a slumbering Old One, and it got me thinking about all these guys snoozing, but no one really expands upon it.
So now it's Thursday morning. Hanging out with my daughter, playing with the Connectx blocks and just having fun.
Oh, and I have just fleshed out 65 episodes plus a pilot for a Lovecraft TV series.
Go figure.
Regardless of the success of this endeavor, I've got a TON of fodder and a fun little environment for the upcoming new version release of the CoC game.
Was that a strange little ripple in my coffee mug?
Gotta fly!