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Monday, August 22, 2011

We have achieved trough.

Just coming off of a pretty downer week. Low energy was the culprit. Planning on turning it around as of a couple of days ago. Still reading Wind, still a pretty good read (although every time I would get comfy and start the reading, I would fall asleep from the low energy thing). I really enjoy books like this; Kvothe's character has returned to society and the simple acts of being true to himself is continuing to add layer upon layer of issues. Good stuff!
Writing wise, it's been a pretty random week. Being exhausted does have its good points: there is very little filtering of ideas, so many ideas (if recorded) are created. In this, I've started three new 'projects'. Two are ideas for future Ars Magica books and one is for the 2012 gaming con circuit.
The game con stuff is basically an ArM5 'primer' to introduce the foundations of the game to the masses of Wisconsin. I'm creating a fully-fleshed out troupe (1 magi, 1 companion, 2 grogs) from each house; a nifty little covenant that will house 6; and some one-shots for the cons. I have a program called Metacreator that has been a godsend in the creation process. My goal is to enable newbees to come to the table, get a little rules background and simply begin play. We'll see how the whole thing goes...

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