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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August costs in gaming = $0.00

This month was something of a cheat.  I had no purchases nor games played.  However; I AM in the planning stages of 2012's conventions.  In that respect, I spent time but no monies on the development of new sites...
1. Obsidian Portal: A free wiki and forum site to focus gamers and maintain game information. Began the process of creating the structure for my Mythen Keep campaign.  Still off-site planning for the 2012 con game downloads, but I've got some ideas locking down...
2. Rotating Dice! I've never blogged before and thought I would quietly try doing it for a month.  Its a good tool to focus the 'gaming mind'.  I think I'll keep working on this.

End total: $0.00 in cash, but roughly 2 hours / day in authoring and game planning.  Pretty good.  Now if it actually takes flight...

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