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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Well, the ArM5 do-over is almost done. The technical edit stuff is locked down, and the story flow is coming along nicely. I should have that task done by the middle of next week.

Working with RPTools for the Mythen Keep saga is grinding along slowly, but it is moving forward. It will be nice to have such a rich environment to kick off the saga in 2013.

I've been introduced to the National Novel Writing Month website. I have joined and I am looking forward to the challenge of starting (and completing) a novel over the month of November. I'm working out the structure this month, but I refuse to truly write one word until the first of next month. WOOT!

Thinking ahead to Fire and Ice, and then Garycon in a few months. I'm planning on carting along the Gloom card game, then hitting the pick-up games. It should be a fun time-o.

More to come as it happens!

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