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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spinning Tire + Road = Potential Traction

Pride goes before the fall.
I've stripped the re-write of my ArM5 submission / edit down to the basic elements.
I've worked on the MANY and VARIED fixes required by my editor.
I've lost sleep in mulling over the story. That is what has been killing the ability to complete this beast. Too much story, too many words. It's always about the word count.
So I took a step back and hit the books. I focused my game-related reading solely on two spheres: First is the Rival Magic and RoP: Infernal books where I derived the plot and characters to play against whichever troupe chooses to take this thing on. Second is published adventures by ArM5 and the online fanzine Sub Rosa. I've pulled my head out of D&D land and have slowly re-entered the world where it is not about the body count; it is about the quality of acquired wisdom.
Seeking new traditions, making negotiations, and study in the lab.
I've broken this puppy down to three stories (adventures). I have cut/paste all the suggestions from my line editor. I've got a fresh perspective.

Pack in the wounded pride and let the re-write begin!!!!

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