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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Era V: Questing Technology of 2010 and beyooooooooooond!

The era if iPhone RPG’s is dawning. Games such as Yipe 5 and Cavern boast retro styled dungeon crawling games.

Then 2010 hit.

A quick count of roughly 70 iPhone RPG titles hit in 2010. Game books with interactive maps, hack’n slashes, MUDs, side scrolling, word puzzles, chess-based, sci-fi, Sega retro’s, and even Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!

Virtual tabletops; although not a new thing for this era, expanded in options as the technology did. Everything from game-centric tables such as Ars Magica’s Sessions to the very robust and versatile Fantasy Grounds. Free tabletops such as RPTools expand in versatility in the same way OGL expanded D&D 3.5.

MMO’s exploded and FPS games began to blur into group settings as linked consoles opened the doors for ‘face to face’ real time action games with the players never having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

With that in mind, we enter the pen-and-paper core rules released in the year 2010...

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