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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Era III: 1998: All About the Stars

    A lot of space, occult, and sci-fi games came out coupled with games that represented television shows. As usual, there were the standard batch of ‘edition x’ games as well. R. Talsorian Games pulls out of GenCon over a conflict about floor space and begins a hiatus; beginning a semi-regular publishing schedule in 2006. Wizards of the Coast revived Greyhawk, although the company was in the process of eliminating some of the ‘too many’ worlds that TSR had published. Part of WoC’s ‘adjustments’ was the publication of Star Drive for the Alternity RPG. Green Knight Publishing is founded after the purchase of Pendragon RPG from Chaosium.

Gamemaster Guide by TSR. ‘Nuff said.

Gemini by Cell Entertainment. A medieval setting featuring unusual elves and dwarves.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Hogshead Publishing. Storytelling at its Munchausen-esque insanity with history, disturbed GMing and a healthy dose of booze.

Hercules & Xena by West End Games. Live the television shows!

Crimson Cutlass by Better Games. This swashbuckling RPG was first published in magazine form a decade prior, but the full edition released this year.

Sailor Moon is published by Guardians of Order. The magical girl series using the Tri-Stat system.

Unknown Armies: by Atlas Games. An occult-themed RPG of transcendental horror and action.

Vampire: The Masquerade by White Wolf Publishing.
Kindred of the East is published as part of the Storyteller System.
Laws of the Hunt LARP: by WW.
The Shining Host LARP: by WW.

The Everlasting by Visionary Entertainment Studio. A four-book RPG that is set in contemporary times and deals with the supernatural.

SLA Industries, by Nightfall Games is started up once again after regaining rights from Wizards of the Coast. Mr Slayer and his dystopian world returns.

Tribe 8 by Dream Pod 9. The apocalypse has come and you are in Montreal… now known as Vimary. The demonic Z’bri battle the ‘Fatimas’ of the One Goddess and those who possess the dream magic Synthesis.

QAGS (Quick Ass Game System) is published after a year of development by Hex Games. Cinematic RPG with an emphasis on FUN!

Deluxe Revised RECON by Palladium Books. Return to the Vietnam era.

Marvel SAGA by TSR. A box set using the SAGA diceless rules and set in the Marvel universe of superheroes.

Tokyo NOVA: The Revolution is a cyberpunk RPG 3rd edition is published by F.E.A.R.

Deadlands: Hell On Earth by Pinnacle. It is 2094 and the doomsday bombs were dropped 13 years ago.

The Mechanoid Invasion by Palladium Books. This compilation work collects the original three Mechanoid games with a little extra material.

Alternity, published by TSR / WotC, a space travel game; but unrelated to the game of the same name published by Wayde Minami in 1982, using a custom system.

Babylon 5 war game published by Agents of Gaming. This work is considered to be part of the B5 canon.

Star Trek: The Next Generation by Last Unicorn Games. Just like it says on the box, folks.

Orbit by 6-0 Games. Light-hearted space game with dungeon-like worlds.

CORPS published by BTRC. Dice-lite and generic concept borrowing from HERO and GURPS.

GURPS 3: Traveller by Steve Jackson Games. Created on a handshake and remade into a universe where the Rebellion and AI Virus never happened. This version is often referred to at “GT”.
Also by SJG is:
The Discworld RPG. The world is a turtle.
Killer 4th edition.
GURPS 3: Egypt
GURPS 3: High-Tech
GURPS 3: Lite
GURPS 3: Russia
GURPS 3: Technomancer
GURPS 3: Undead.
GURPS 3: Wizards

In MMO’s, NCsoft’s Lineage was released. It’s a medieval fantasy MMORPG featuring action game play and a competitive atmosphere.

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