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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Era III: 1997: Half the Circle: MMORPG is Minted

This is a year of change and new stuff for the gaming world. In the real world, the United Kingdom returns Hong Kong to China. West End Games closes its doors, officially declaring bankruptcy next year. Fantasy Productions moves from producing metal figures to publishing RPGs this year, re-releasing The Dark Eye 3rd edition. Mayfair Games shuts down, but is bailed out by ICE who purchases most of the assets and restarts the operations as Ironwind Inc. Human Head Studios opens its doors as a computer game studio in Madison, WI, eventually becoming publishers of pen-and-paper RPGs. Also, Eden Studios, Inc. opens its doors officially this year.

Frontier Secrets by White Wolf Publishing. Introducing Werewolf into the wild west genre.
Changeling: The Dreaming by White Wolf Publishing. Elf punk is explored as the fair folk attempt to adhere to urban life and 9-to-5 wage slavery.
Trinity by White Wolf Publishing. Originally titled ‘Aeon’, until sued by MTV. This is a sci-fi setting of psychic orders of the future battling against aberrant threats.
Oblivion LARP: by White Wolf. Become the Wrath!
Liber des Goules LARP: by White Wolf. Become a ghoul for your master!

Cthulhu Live LARP: by  Chaosium. Player, monster, and costume design.

The Realm of Shadows by  Pagan Publishing. Also, the Delta Green contemporary setting is released for Pagan’s Call of Cthulhu RPG.

Blue Planet by Biohazard Games. Deep water based game in a dark future of humanity.

Babylon 5 Wars is released by Agents of Gaming.

Teenagers from Outer Space, the 3rd edition by R. Talsorian Games, set in a comedic, sci-fi setting.

Waste World by Manticore Productions. Attempt to survive in this post-apocalyptic world where five metrozones struggle to control the diminishing supply of Drakonium energy.

Men in Black by West End Games. Nothing weird to see here. Move along.
Unreleased Paranoia Third Edition by West End Games, prior to WEG’s closing of its doors.

Jovian Chronicles by Dream Pod 9 is re-released as a stand-alone RPG using an in-house system. This game is designed to be either / or a RPG or tactical war game.

Fuzion generic role-playing system is created by a collaboration between R. Talsorian Games and Hero Games. This system is literally a fusion; combining the Interlock System and the HERO system. Although completely generic, it is best recognized for its anime-genre support.

Over the Edge was released as a second edition by Atlas Games. Continue on with the surreal dangers within Al Amarja.

Legend of the Five Rings RPG by Alderac Entertainment Group. This is unique in the inclusion of non-combatant character types and is set in the nation of feudal Japan-esque Rokugan.

Usagi Yojimbo RPG by  Gold Rush Games. Based upon the samurai bunny comics of the same name.

The Pocket Warrior by  Plaid Rabbit Productions. Much like Fantasy Trip, this is a basic rule set designed to fit in your pocket and play on the go.

In Nomine RPG by Steve Jackson Games. Angels and demons struggle on Earth as both sides begin to find doubt in their causes. Also, from Steve Jackson Games this year gives us some flavors of heavy metal:

GURPS 3: Bio-Tech
GURPS 3: Autoduel
GURPS 3: Mecha
GURPS 3: Planet Krishna
GURPS 3: Reign of Steel

Ultima Online, released in 1997, is often credited with first popularizing the genre. The term MMORPG was coined by Richard Garriott, the creator of Ultima Online. Previous to this and related coinages, these games were generally called graphical MUDs.
Happy Fathers Day weekend! I’m going to go ride my bike.

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