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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Word Count Tug 'o War

22,000 words sounds like a lot. The latest ArM5 publication task has been going through a swell-shrink-swell-shrink... period over the past couple of weeks. Right now, its on the fast track of blasting past the max word count.
I was hoping to keep it around 20,000-21,000 to allow for game test adjustments.
We'll see. On the up side, the endeavor is nearing a point of completion. My goal of having something to be critiqued by my fellow's might still make it by this coming weekend.

In other gaming news, I recently picked up Gloom and Cuthulu Gloom! Two great looking card games where you do some story telling as you attempt to keep other player's 'families' happy and kill of the ones under your control. Wacky fun!

On the Secret World front, I'm slowly creeping through the quest chains on the Savage Coast, but I am also starting to pick up quests for the Blue Mountain zone. It's been somewhat frustrating, as it appears that certain areas of the Savage Coast (the southern portion) are geared for higher level game play. It seems to be reeeealy easy to get nuked in those areas.

Lastly, I am steadily working full-time / part-time on my fantasy novel. I'm into chapter 6, with a rough outline for all 20 chapters set. :)

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