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Monday, September 12, 2011


When writing about a given region or group, I find that I can't do it justice until I've researched it beyond necessity. In the case of the current ArM5 submission work, this requires two unique, initial 'historic digs'.

   First; I start at the period of pre-history and work my way into 1220 AD (or a little beyond). This allows two major aspects into the writing: lost beliefs / supernatural elements, and a greater sense of depth to the writing of 1220.
   Second; I begin a dig into each of the ArM5 texts, looking for cookies about the region. It's a little nerve-wracking, but keeping to the canon of the game is important to me. It also helps out in getting my mind into the mindset of the previous authors, so that the same textures may be used when I expand upon those ideas.

So here I am today. I've got three maps of the region printed off. The first is dedicated to the Supernatural, the second to Real History, and the third is for Story Elements (set in 1220 AD). From these three maps, the hundreds of scribbles all over them, and the various notes jammed into an OpenOffice file; I should be able to begin sorting out the mess this week and hopefully begin writing in earnest next week.
More to come...

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