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Monday, September 19, 2011

Good gods, bad gods, and purgatory...

Great week for gaming! I got a chance to (finally) see the film Thor. Only a guy like Branagh could balance out those two worlds. Great fun, strong acting, and finally a little 'magic' in the Marvel movies.

We had a meetup 4e D&D one-shot game this week. More big fun! This was an adventure based upon 'fourthcore' rules; which is 'hardcore gaming set in the 4e game system'. It is the good old-fashioned Gygazian killer-puzzle-room-where-its-OK-to-metagame style of game. The game concept was based upon a generational challenge where the gods of the world allowed a single group of heroes to prove humanities worth. We failed, and the world was submerged in seawater. Sorry everybody.

Finally, my wife plugged in Wristcutters: A Love Story. Good film. Worth the couple of hours to watch. Yes, there is suicide. Yes, there is purgatory. Yes, there is a love story (a number of them, actually). Watch it for the textures and the humor; there's some classic stuff in there.

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