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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thrice Told Tales is coming to a close.

After a couple of years of revision, FOUR playtests, and countless hours of analyzing every word in every sentence; it is looking like my writing for Ars Magica 5's 'Sequels' book is coming to a close.


Looking back on the first draft to this current version, it is amazing how many changes have been made. To put it simply, I started writing something in the spirit of Indian Jones and closed with something in the spirit of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

It's been a fun, wild ride.

Everything in this book has changed. Even the title. Until yesterday, it was known as 'Sequels'. As of today, it is now being published as 'Thrice Told Tales". I'm looking forward to seeing this one in print. Now that the wordsmithing is complete, only the artwork remains. This was a pleasant reality check when I cracked open my 'Hooks' book and found Jenna Fowler's interpretations of the story.

I loved 'em! The images gave the story a real breath of life. This current story takes place in the form of three individual adventures. I'm looking forward to the artistic renderings of the maps and concepts for this one.

That's it for me. Time to get a room for Gen Con!


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