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Monday, October 27, 2014

Era IV: 2007; Back to a LOT of Basics

2007 was the first year that more people lived in cities than in rural areas and thus can be seen as the end of the Agrarian Age.

Dragon and Dungeon magazines licenses are allowed to lapse and are not renewed by WotC. Paizo launches the Pathfinder RPG using the 3.5 SRD (via WotC’s OGL).
NeoExodus: A House Divided is an OGL campaign setting for use for the D&D game. This is the world of Exodus and is a place of fantasypunk and political intrigue.
Necromancer Games goes on ‘indefinite hiatus’ after announcing that Paizo would publish their products following the end point of a deal with White Wolf Publishing.
Human Head Studios catches fire! Fortunately, the HQ is rebuilt and up and running again within four months.
FanPro gives up all RPG licenses this year, focusing on publishing novels only.
Cheapass Games goes into ‘hibernation’.
Catalyst Game Labs is created by InMediaRes Productions as a publishing unit for


Tenra War, a ‘triple genre’ game that mixed science-fantasy, steampunk wild west, and mecha elements into a single ‘world’. This is a combination of earlier publications set within the same world.

Sci Fi

Septimus by West End Games. In this sci fi univserse, you investigate the region of Septimus, where starships disappear ala the Bermuda Triangle.
Fading Suns by RedBrick. Sci fi in the sixth millennium in this second edition.
Starcluster III by Flying Mice. A hard science space opera set in a time after Sol has gone supernova.
Traveller Hero by Comstar Media / Avenger Enterprises. This is a core ruleset for the fifth edition of the popular game.
CthulhuTech by Mongoose Publishing / WilfFire. Sci fi meets Lovecraft horror! Welcome to the Aeon War riding in a thirty-foot war machine against the unknown.
Classic Battle Tech and Shadowrun books. Licenses are tranferred from FanPro in 2008.
Battlestar Galactica RPG is released by Margaret Weis Productions. Based upon the most recent version of the television show.

Modern / Past Century

Changeling: The Lost by White Wolf Publishing. Play a modern-era fey seeking to find their identity against adversity.
Grey Ranks by Evil Hat Productions. In the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, play a teen ‘scout’ who must balance personal needs against the pulls of the national army.
Dirty Secrets by Dark Omen Games. In this modern generic game, everyone has a secret and will do anything to keep them secret.
Scion: Hero by White Wolf Publishing. In this modern fantasy, the Titans have escaped their prison and the Overworld battle rages!
Nemesis II by Bards and Sages. A d20 modern game system verses serial killers.
Aces & Eights by Kenzer & Co. The Western real-life game system.
Poison’d by Lumpley Games. A pirate rpg for adults.
In Harm's Way: Aces and Angels was released on December 7, 2007 by Flying Mice. This game is specifically designed for roleplaying fighter pilots in World War II. It uses the base StarCluster system, but has several additional genre-specific game mechanics overlain. Its emphasis is on emulating the feel of the many novels and films about WWII fighter pilots


Savage World: Solomon Kane by Pinnacle. Playing in the Robert E Howard world of Solomon Kane.
Witch Hunter: The Invisible World by Paradigm Press. Set in 1698 alternate horror history.
Pirates of the Spanish Main by Great White Games. A swashbuckling pulpy game of pirates!

Horror / Thriller

Unhallowed Metropolis by Eos Press. In this horror game, two hundred years has passed since the zombie plague. Now the world is in a new Dark Age.
Fear Itself by Pelgrane Press. Play an ‘everyperson’ against the horrors of the Outer Black.
Book of Unremitting Horror by Pelgrane Press. Deal with horrors of a far more intimate nature, spawned by vice itself.
Code Black by BTRC. A generic modern horror setting.
Grimm by FFG. The hardcover book to the 2003 boxed game of the same name.
Monte Cook’s World of Darkness by White Wolf Publishing. This is the d20 version of the World of Darkness world.
Monsters and Other Childish Things RPG by Arc Dream Publishing and using the One-Roll Engine.  Not a kids game, but play a child in an action-packed game where the monsters rise and must be dealt with.


Lesser Shades of Evil by Eos Press. In this science fantasy game where the players are disembodied god-beings in a world gripped in a new Dark Age.


Elric of Melnibone by Mongoose Publishing. Fight for Law, Chaos, or Cosmic Balance in this version of the Michael Moorcock world.
Ave Molech by Morbidgames. This is a re-release of the 2002 game, after a full re-work of the line.
Labyrnith Lord published by Goblinoid Games. It is a D&D clone, allowing virtually any OGL based game to be run in this environment.
Beast Hunters by Berengad Games. In this fantasy game, hunt magical beasts to use their blood for magical tattoos of power.
Epic Role Playing Game Manual by  Dark Matter Studios. A rules medium fantasy game that is focused on long-term growth.
NeoExodus: A House Divided is an OGL campaign setting for use for the D&D game. This is the world of Exodus and is a place of fantasypunk and political intrigue.
Blood Games II was released on June 26, 2007 by Flying Mice. This game is a complete rework of the earlier Blood Games, with a new dice pool task resolution system, refined magic systems, new Paths, and all new illustrations by the game's authors.
Forward... to Adventure! was released on July 29, 2007 by Flying Mice. This game is an old-fashioned fantasy romp with several new-style twists, and much random table action.
Broadsword by Deep7. A burly and robust fantasy game system.
Reign by Schroedinger’s Cat Press. A fantasy game from the national and international POV.
Rolemaster Express by I.C.E. is also a republishing of the previous rules, but in a streamlined format.
HARP: The Essentials by ICE. This is a CD-ROM of the five core volumes for HARP.
Warhammer the seventh edition of the wargame RPG side.
In a Wicked Age by Lumpley Games. A fantasy game using personal character motivations to drive the story forward.


BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth) is published by ArtHaus Games and White Wolf using an updated Tri-Stat System. An anime game.


The Princess Game by Valent Games. A fantasy game for kids!

Generic / All-genre

Basic RolePlaying by Chaosium. This is the introduction of the second edition of this generic rpg.
Suzerain by Talisman Studios. This is a generic core rule system.

GURPS Supers: A genre toolkit designed to help folks create superhero campaigns.
GURPS 3: Superiors: Asmodeus by SJG.
GURPS High-Tech: From gunpowder through present day handbook
GURPS Ultra-Tech: From near-future onwards handbook that provides
GURPS Spaceships (var): spaceship design, construction and combat. 8 volumes.
GURPS Creatures of the Night (var): A bestiary of 6 volumes
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy (var): 17 handbooks on how to reduce GURPS to essential abilities and rules for Dungeon Crawl games.

Tumblr is launched.
Online RPG games offer game altering choices such as the interlocking, five-story-arc / protagonist Odin Sphere RPG. Also, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade drops this year.
The use of intellectual property licensing, common in other video game genres, has also appeared in MMORPGs. 2007 saw the release of The Lord of the Rings Online, based on J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. Other licensed MMOs included The Matrix Online, based on the Matrix trilogy of films, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, based on Games Workshop's table top game, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars The Old Republic, Champions Online and Age of Conan. A RPS (Role Play Shooter) game titled Mass Effect begins its publication series this year.

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